Start an Ozone Business

Start an Odor Removal BusinessGet Started Right in the Ozone Business

Okay, you've heard the hype.  Just realize that buying an ozone generator from an online huckster is a very poor start for an important step in your life.  We have helped hundreds of service businesses find their sweet spot.  Never jump into a business without the support you will need to avoid the pitfalls along the way.

It starts with education and certification offered by the National Ozone Association.  That provides credibility and a good understanding of the business.  Then, we provide serious, commercial-grade equipment.  Finally, we help you determine the right path forward.  All this can be done in 30-60 days depending on your skills and expereince.

The ERS Training  Basic Ozone Business Plan Bold Ozone Business Plan
  • Select any online course and earn a nationally recognized certificate.
  • Take all six ERS course at your own pace and get a price break
  • Receive parchments certificates
  • Get discounts as a NOAI member
  • Certified Ozone Technician course & Certificate
  • Membership in National Ozone Assoc
  • One 40G Pro or Two 32G Pro ozone generators
  • Website package & Marketing Materials
  • One year coaching and support
  • Listing on our Service Directories
  • Access to CLO2, Antimicrobial, and Essential oils
  • Certified Ozone Technician course & Certificate
  • Fresh Air Expert course
  • Membership in National Ozone Assoc
  • Two 40G Pro (or one 40G Pro nad two 32G Pro) ozone generators
  • Professional model ULV fogger with 4' hose
  • Website package & Marketing Materials
  • One year coaching and support
  • Listing on our Service Directories
  • Supply of CLO2, Antimicrobial, and Essential oils



Do not be fooled by ozone sellers pushing their equipment without the kind of support we offer.  A successful business is 25% equipment, 50% business development, and 25% professional guidance.  Many start-up businesses fail because they have no idea of what to do.  Many spend three months trying to figure this business out, buying the wrong equipment, and getting no serious help.  We don't work like that.  Our program will educate you, equip you, and provide the guidance you need to succeed.

Call Remy - He will Fix ItWe list you in important national directories, including  We guide you to the best markets that have already been proven.  And, you can STEP UP to the next level of the business with full credit for what you have already paid.  This is very important, because a growing business needs to expand its services.  So, you can add in other associated services that will open doors and add new revenue to your company.

Bring more to the job and get better results.  Ozone is a "Brute Force" tool, but the secondary treatment is jsut as important.  Use the ULV fogger to provide a secondary punch that combats the worst of odors, mold, allergies, embedded threats, and more.  You need four tools for best results: ozone, antimicrobial, CLO2, and essential ozone.  Of course, you need to know how and when to use them.  Amateurs offer only ozone.  Professionals have all the tools for the job.

Frankly, our program gives you everything you will ever need from one source.  

In other words, we are offering an expanding business that allows you to handle more jobs, bigger jobs, and have immediate access to the tools to get there.  We even have additional training programs that you can take when you need them.

    1- Fresh Air Expert (Indoor Air Quality)
    2- Certified Mold Inspector
    3- Allergy Abatement Specialist
    4- Infection Control Specialist
    5- Advanced Odor Mitigation
So, ask yourself.  Do you really want to buy an ozone generator from an online vendor?  Or, do you want to start a business that has unlimited potential, the best support anywhere, and the ability to step up to the next level when you are ready without reinvesting all over?
Want to know more?  Just call Mark Tipton at (815) 272-1653 and learn more in 15 minutes than you will find on the Internet. Or email Mark at admin (at)