Could this be Better Than an Ozone Business?

Start an Odor Removal BusinessWe like Ozone, but we Found Something Better

Time is money!  Our Spray Oxidizing Process is better in every way.  Ozone is a gaseous oxidizer, and our process is a liquid oxidizer that does the same (or better) job in less time.  So, ozone people are moving to OMG Sanitized for several good reasons.

Service time is a big deal, but there is more.  There is no lingering ozone odor, no chance of over-treat or harm goods, and we have the ability to target problem areas as needed.  We can tremendously treat mold and mildew without dangerous chemical, and it is a seven log sanitizer (that is 99.99999% killing power).

It is a mistake to run ozone for long cycles because it might embed the ozone smell or might not get the toughest jobs done.  Like a supercharger, the proprietary OMG fogging process is amazingly effective and literally does more than just ozone.  After all, both are oxidizing agents.

EPA Registered - Fantastic Results Every Time

  1. Great, just got Greater:  Our one-step oxidation shortens time on the job and improves results
  2. EPA Registered, Eco-Friendly, non-toxic, and leaves no residue
  3. Avoid the "Ozone Smell" that customers may not like.
  4. We supply the best equipment:  ULV Fogger, Foam applicator, or Electrostatic Sprayer
  5. Used by the military for a dozen years, field proven, and Proprietary (No one can Copy your Success
  6. The program offers a seven log kill of all types of pathogens.  Amazing infection control
  7. Knock out the toughest odors: Pet Odor, Smoke Smell, Death Odor,  
  8. Kill mold and mildew, leaving a mildewstat for 1-3 mold inhibiting protection
  9. Denature blood, urine, and body fluids.  Neutralize any chemical residue.
Odor Removal Six-log Sanitizing Kill Mold and Mildew Neutralize VOCs & TICs Breakdown Biofilms
National Ozone Association six log sanitizing Kill Mold and Mildew

Allergy Relief

Destroy Biofilm


Full Tilt Professional Business Package for just $2500


All the Equiopment you will Need

The Amazing OMG Fogging Product

Marketing Program and has huge Potential

Free Website that Ranks High on Seaarch Engines

Business Plan & OMG Applicator's Course

Odor Removal - Sanitizing - Mold Killing - Detoxification

... $2500 USD

Start a BusinessSo, ask yourself.  Do you really want to buy an ozone generator from an online vendor?  Or, do you want to start a business that has unlimited potential, the best support anywhere, and many more profit-making applications that ozone cannot match.  More markets means more growth and profits. 

If this is a serious commitment, failure is not an option.  No business endeavor comes with a guarantee, but you can greatly improve your odds by bringing your best effort to the project.  With so much on the line, it is no time to experiment or figure it out as you go.  OMG Sanitized has a powerful, impressive marketing system that will propel your business like nothing else. If you are the lead OMG service in your town, you will outpace everything else.

Plenty of Room for Growth

Business MistakeWhat you may not know is that your start-up business has plenty of room for growth.  We have found the best markets and the best way to reach and serve these markets.  Right now, you are probably thinking about the residential odor removal, right?  Well, there is one of the common mistakes most people make.  

Residential business are One-Off Jobs that do not repeat.  So, each week is a new challenge of finding the next job that produces income for the company ... and you.  

The Secret to Real Success is the ability to grow your business beyond your own ability to work hard.  We solved this challenge in a big way.  The key is not 100% proprietary program that hundreds of businesses or organization see as a huge benefit and a huge savings as well.

Ozone has been tried.  Amazing Fresh air Systems is a quantum jump in many ways.  Instead of hours on the job for ozone to work, our treatments are 60-90 minute ... and the result is actually better.  For one thing, there is no lingering strong ozone smell, but all the nasty odors are completely gone!  The list is pretty vast, but we know that others have grown their business and found unplanned business opportunities:

  • Fleets, emergency vehicles, used car lots, and marinas 
  • Home inspection, dust cleaning, and mold remediation
  • Restaurants, theaters, and large buildings
  • Gyms, spas, and medical building
  • Sports programs and facilities
  • Real Estate, property management, and corporate vendor
  • and many more

To be honest, you will not master these markets in a few weeks; but they are opportunities you will find the longer you grow your business.  We not only know about these markets and the best entry points.  We have the additional training that will allow you to step up as a trained professional to pull in huge contracts that will turn you from a one-man show to a high-powered business.

Be a Professional Service, not a Guy with an Ozone Machine

OMG Sanitized is 100% proprietary.  Could your customers go on the Internet and buy the same ozone machine you are using?  So, all your work to get accounts can easily slip away.  By the way, is your ozone EPA registered?  Nope, but EPA does post some unkind reviews about ozone making your job more difficult.

OMG Sanitized uses a product that is extremely effective, EPA registered, 100% proprietary, and you look like a hero because this product is literally better than ozone.

Want to know more?  Just call Mark Tipton at (815) 272-1653 and learn more in 15 minutes than you will find on the Internet. Or email Mark email him from our Contact Page